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Ryan Armand

The Journey Of A King hasn’t been an easy one….
Limited beliefs, misconceptions, distractions, and procrastination have all interfered with me fully living out my purpose.
Let me explain…

After high school I struggled with the direction I wanted to go in. My first year of college was troublesome. I partied more than I studied to mask my insecurities of feeling lost and undecided on what I wanted to do with my life. Since an early age I have always enjoyed writing and making music but at the time I lacked the guidance that I needed to point me in the right direction of how to channel it. Because of this, I didn’t take making music seriously. It was more of a hobby.

I eventually finished college and started working. After sometime I got married and started a family. Unfortunately, my marriage failed but did succeed in birthing a beautiful daughter.

I realized as time progressed that fulfillment didn’t come from titles, college degrees, and monetary achievements alone.

After experiencing my fair share of disappointments and setbacks, I went through periods of excessively smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol to numb the pain. It was my coping mechanism for a while. It only took away the pain temporarily. Something was missing and I know I needed more.

I knew there was more to life, more to give, and more healing I had to do.
So, I started searching for the answers and the anecdote to my questions and my pain.

This is where the real journey began….
Finding scripture, building a (REAL)ationship with the Creator, and finding a community where I can grow was the start on the road to healing and becoming whole.

Listening to music, watching videos, and documentaries of other public figures that I admire filled in the gaps of what I was missing in so many ways.
I share my story through my art to show people that they are not alone.
I share my story through my art to show people that after pain, there is joy.
I share my story through my art to add value to others and show them that they too can walk in power using their gifts.

Through my music, you will understand my love for The Creator, family, culture, and community. My hope is that I can be an inspiration to helping people become the best version of themselves. Peace, love, and blessings to you all



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