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Ryan Armand

The journey of a king hasn’t been easy. Limited beliefs, misconceptions, distractions, and procrastination have all interfered with me fully living out my purpose.

After high school I struggled with the direction I wanted to go in. My first year of college was troublesome and I partied more than studied to mask my insecurities of being undecided on a career path. I was also deeply affected by the loss of my grandfather and Aunt Gwen a year after during my senior year of high school and freshman year of college.

I eventually graduated college, got married, and started a family. Unfortunately, the marriage didn’t last. Unhealed pain and a lack of foundational tools took its toll and lead to a divorce.

During the course of my hardships, I went thru periods of excessively drinking alcohol to escape the pain. It was my coping mechanism for a while. When I realized that I was only bringing myself more harm, I knew that it was time for me to make a change.

I realized overtime that fulfillment doesn’t come from titles, college degrees, and monetary achievements alone. Something was missing and I know I needed more.

Since an early age I have always enjoyed writing and making music but at the time I lacked the guidance that I needed to point me in the right direction of how to channel it. When I joined a community and started to form a personal relationship with The Most High, it helped establish the foundation I needed and yearned for all of my life.

Looking back on my setbacks and disappointments, I am now able to see the purpose of each trial and tribulation. I have no regrets, everything that I have been thru has built character. I am grateful for another chance. I am blessed to be a husband, father, and leader in my community. On the other side of pain I’ve been fortunate to find healing and use my art as an expression to help others. Becoming the man I am today birthed Gratitude.

Gratitude for me is a lifestyle. The definition of gratitude is the quality of being thankful and having the readiness to show appreciation for and return kindness. I’m grateful for my gift to speak and minister in music, so I show my appreciation and return the kindness given onto me to others.

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